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Today, most companies have moved to a cloud-based model and are prepared to take the chance. Among the numerous cloud adoption services available, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform — takes the lead around the globe. Amazon’s ever-expanding portfolio now includes over 90 services and products designed to help developers create fast, reliable, serverless, and safe web and mobile applications.

Among many great services from Amazon Web Services, AWS Amplify is one such service that is gaining traction and has greatly simplified and accelerated developer tasks. …

Connecting to MySQL database which is hosted at localhost as a root user.

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Before carrying out the stepwise procedure for connecting to MySQL as a root user using Shell, you are required to install XAMPP on your PC. For guidance, you can check my previous blog provided below to install XAMPP on your PC.

Stepwise procedure for connecting to MySQL as a root user using Shell

Step 1: Firstly, you are required to open the XAMPP Control Panel.

Installing XAMPP successfully in Windows PC

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XAMPP is a completely free, open-source package which is easy to install as well as to use. Adding to that, it’s an open-source cross-platform web server solution package that is developed by Apache. The full form of XAMPP is Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MariaDB (M), PHP (P), and Perl (P).

XAMPP basically creates a small server on your localhost computer which helps to show you how your web application will look whenever you edit and manipulate your web application's code.

Now, in this blog, I will be providing a detailed stepwise procedure for installing…

SRS Format Explained

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In the previous blog, I had discussed System Requirement Sepcification and its requirements. As discussed in the previous blog, Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) enables you to lay the foundation for product development. So, after obtaining an understanding regarding the SRS document now, let’s learn how to fill the SRS document as per the provided format.

Note: If you have not viewed the previous blog in which the SRS document had been developed, then please open the link provided below for viewing the blog.

Note: If you do not have the SRS document format, then you can get…

Installation of R in Windows PC

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In the world of data science, there are 2.2 million jobs currently available. The two pillars R and Python programming language allow playing with data easier. With that being said, in this blog, I will be providing a short introduction regarding R programming and also provide step by step guide for installing R on Windows PC.

R Programming

R is an open-source tool used for statistics and analytics. It has become popular in recent years with its applications in the field of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning among others.

What is R Programming?

R is a programming language…

9 steps you should follow to install Java on UbuntuOS

Java is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems. It is free to download and can be used commercially. In my previous blog, I talked about the steps that you should consider while installing Java on WindowsOS. In that blog, I also talked about Java in general and its benefits over other programming Language. If you use WindowsOS on your computer, then I would recommend you to visit my blog with the link provided below.

In this blog, I will be focusing on the steps of installing Java on…

Things to remember while installing Java on Windows PC

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What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language based on C and C++ programming languages. It was first developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 A.D. However, it was acquired by Oracle Corporation back in 2009–10.

It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used to develop android apps, desktop applications, web applications, games, etc. Many programmers choose java programming over all the other programming languages.

Why should you use Java over other Programming Languages?

Java Programming language is used over other programming languages because there are various reasons. Some of them are: -

  • It is…

8 steps to connect your hr account

What is HR User Account in Oracle?

HR is a sample user account which allows its users to view how the SQL queries are executed and how the table is connected to each other. In the HR database, all the table are created after completing normalization (i.e. it is the final table which will be used store data).

Why connect the HR account?

Many individuals unlock hr account, but they do not understand why they are using hr account. Also, there are many individuals who question — Why to connect the HR account as a user can be created directly?

For those people who question…

6 steps to follow while installing Python Environment on Ubuntu

How to install or upgrade Python Environment on Ubuntu?

For coding python into your computer, you are required to download and install python script. In this blog, I would be providing a detailed procedure for downloading and installing Python on your PC.

Note: If you have Windows OS then, please refer to my previous blog which has been provided below

Note: If you have macOS then, please refer to the blog provided below

Steps to install Python Environment on Ubuntu

Step 1: Open terminal.

18 steps to follow while installing or upgrading Python on Mac OS

What is Python?

Python is one of the most used general-purpose programming languages which is often used for a wide variety of applications. Python includes a lot of high-level data structures, dynamic typing, dynamic binding, and others which is very useful for complex application development, scripting, and connecting components together.

In this blog, I will be discussing the stepwise procedure to install and upgrade Python on macOS. So, before we start talking about the installation process on macOS, I would like to suggest you to go through my previous blog about…

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