The shortest answer to this question would be NO.

Many individuals who are new to development environment often misunderstand Git and GitHub to be the same platform. However, they both have some key differences to consider making them different and equally important. So, in this blog, I will be elaborating about those differences between them.

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What is Git?

In short, Git is a distributed version control system that manages a development project’s source code history. Simplifying the words, Git allows individuals to track files present in any folder which is known as a repository. Also, it is capable of maintaining the history and tracking changes that have been made in the files.

Now, a question can arise on your mind, How can Git track the changes made in the files? So, to track the changes made in the files, Git has its own File Structure where every file is stored in a separate document and each file have their own unique hash. In such a case, we can consider Git as a persistent hash map which stores keys and values where keys comprise with hash and value comprise of the content of the files.

Moreover, Git can also be used locally in your PC without any internet connection which allows individuals to have full access to the files change history. So, rather than depending on the internet connection, it stores the changes locally.

Now when starting the Blog, it was mentioned that Git is considered as a distributed version control system.Here, again a question might arise,“What does a distributed version control actually mean?” It means that various individuals can collaborate for carrying out the same project and this is the condition in which GitHub plays a vital role.

What is GitHub?

GitHub, in contrast, is responsible for managing the Git repository meaning that it is a repository hosting service. Generally, GitHub is used when many individuals work on the same project. But even if you do not have any collaborators in the project, you are still be allowed to use it.

Additionally, it can also be used to maintain a backup for your local repositories. So, even when you delete the files in your local repository, it will still be available at the remote repository. But there can be the optimum utilization of GitHub when many people are working on the same project.

Summary: So, What is the key difference between Git and GitHub?

Hence, the key difference between Git and GitHub is that Git is a distributed version control system. In contrast, GitHub is a repository hosting service where you can maintain a backup of your local repositories.

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